Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks

Halloween is a pretty magical time here at College Station. Skulls and pumpkins line the college apartments and parties can be found in just about every bar and apartment building. Walk down the street and you’ll run into fellow students dressed all out in their ghoulish, comedic, and, of course, sexy Halloween costumes. Basically, you don’t want to be the only one in your crew not getting into the Halloween spirit. Yet, nailing a perfect Halloween look doesn’t have to expensive. A great makeup job is often all that’s really needed to nail a look or to finish off an appearance….

Halloween Door Decor

Halloween Door Decor

Doors aren’t just for security, they’re portals to your domain. And a blank canvas just waiting for your decorating genius to touch. With Halloween right around the corner, you have a perfect excuse to get into dorm decor and see for yourself how much of a difference a decorated threshold can make. Not sure how to get started? Consider the following tips, tricks, and inspiration: Getting in the Spirit with Halloween Door Decor Mummy :: A great mummy door decor can be done as simply as this example where all you need is streamers and black and white construction paper. Wrap…

Planning a Successful Semester

Planning a Successful Semester

All throughout College Station, students are moving into new places and getting re-adjusted to new homes-away-from-homes. Everyone is picking their courses, meeting new best friends, and scouting out their favorite study (and party) areas. Obviously, as exciting as this is, it also can quickly tip the scales to overwhelming. Get started on the right foot and keep a great pace this semester with the following tips for planning success: 3 Tips for Planning a Successful Semester Develop a list of SMART Goals.  SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. An example of a great SMART…

Aggieland Football & Tailgating 101

Aggie Tailgating

Oh beautiful September with its cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice, and the return of Texas A&M’s beloved football season. As a freshman student, you might not be quite aware of just how serious we take our football. Generations of Aggies gather during home games to watch as the Corps of Cadets march in and participate in Yell Practices in the pre-game hours. Then, in the late night hour, every Aggie, young and old, shares in one cohesive “Midnight Yell“. In between these two traditions is another sacred love for tailgating. An obsession that has earned fans the designation as the Nation’s…

Tips for Sharing the Fridge

3 Tips for Sharing a Fridge With Roomies

Northpoint Crossing’s student apartments come with a ton of amenities. Here, you get private bedrooms features walk-in closets with in-room washer and dryer. Plus there’s pre-installed high-speed wireless internet with all the hardware you need to get connected from day one. But perhaps one of the best in-room amenities is a fully stocked kitchen complete with modern appliances. This includes a large refrigerator with ice maker and dishwasher for less complaining about dirty dishes. Of course, even a dishwasher won’t wash away all the little disagreements that are a part of living with roommates. The following are a few good…

Reasons to Tee Up at TAMU’s Golf Course

Northpoint Crossing student apartments sit at the heart of College Station and just a few blocks away from TAMU’s most prominent buildings and amenities. One amenity that many particularly love being near is The Campus Course at Texas A&M. With beautiful greens and fairways, this is a great course for both the beginner and the tournament-tested golfer. What’s that? You’ve never golfed? Golfing is one of the world’s oldest sports, having started in Scotland more than 400 years ago. It certainly has evolved over recent years but many of the reasons to play have stayed the same. Check out these…

10 Things Seniors Wish Freshmen Knew

freshman advice from seniors

Your freshman year of college is a special type of experience that you can’t ever re-do. It’s a pivotal moment in which you step out from the structure and guidance of high school living to the independence and opportunities of college. Naturally, for many this is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Make the most (and get the most) out of your first year at TAMU with the following senior advice: 10 Things Seniors Wish Freshmen Knew Class attendance matters.  Sure, you can choose to sleep in and skip those classes. After all, your parents aren’t here to check on you…

4 Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Summer BBQ

budget friendly bbq

Oh, July! Tis the season of fireworks, swimming, and backyard barbecues. Just because you’re living in a student apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the most this season has to offer. Northpoint Crossing offers a myriad of amazing amenities including pool and grilling facilities. Take advantage of these attractions and invite your besties over for a little bbq and afternoon swim. Keep it budget-friendly and grab your mitts with these BBQ ideas: 4 Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Summer BBQ Basics can be made great with just a little extra.  There is nothing wrong with keeping to the classic yet basic…

How to Upgrade Your Basic Pool Party

college station pool party

All apartments and student housing centers are not created equal. In the hot days of June, there are few things students want more than easy pool access. At Northpoint Crossing, residents have not just one but two pools to celebrate summer in. And really, isn’t it time to officially kick off the start of summer? Take advantage of Northpoint Crossing’s amenities and show your friends and fellow residents a great time with a pool party. Just consider the following tips for best effects: How to Upgrade Your Basic Pool Party at Northpoint Crossing Choose an appropriate time. Talk with the Northpoint Crossing resident…

Best Places to Picnic in College Station

college station picnic

Summer solstice happens this year on Wednesday, June 21. This will be the longest day of the year and, because of it marking midsummer, it’s an event that has been celebrated by hundreds of cultures throughout the ages. Celebrate it this year by being outdoors and sharing a picnic with your closest friends. Consider the following great College Station locations to flip out a blanket for summer fun: 5 Best Places to Picnic in College Station Sugarloaf College Station.  Start the summer solstice right from the start with a pre-dawn hike up College Station’s sole ‘mountain’. Then, lay out your picnic…

Guide to Hotels in College Station

Hotels in College Station

Are planning on having family coming into town this month? Maybe your parents are eager to see your graduation, or you’ve roped your cousins into helping you move. Whatever the case, do them the small favor of not expecting them to sleep on your floor. Instead, consider the following quick guide to hotels in college station where they can get a quality night’s sleep before checking out TAMU’s school grounds: The One-Stop Guide to Hotels in College Station If they need something cheap and close… Econo Lodge at College Station.  This is the ideal choice for relatives who just want…

Fun & Unique Things to Do in College Station

What to Do In College Station

May is the classic start of summer for the Bryan-College Station area. Average temperatures range between the mid-70s and 80s, making for a perfect time to be outdoors. So go ahead and enjoy some time away from your studies. This month, grab your closest pals and check out these fun (and unique) things to do in College Station: 4 Fun & Unique Things to Do in College Station Rock out at Lakeside Icehouse and Lake Bryan.  The Lakeside Icehouse at Lake Bryan is one of those rare local gems that are only possible due to the right mix of location,…

Quick Graduate Checklist

Three Important Tasks to Complete Before Gradation

Worried you spent more of your senior enjoying the social benefits rather than the scholarly ones? You’re not alone. Many seniors drag their heels when it comes to preparing for what will come after they get off the commencement stage. But that date is getting any further way and when it comes to getting ready, now is better than tomorrow. Plus, it just takes a few baby steps to get the ball rolling on success. Consider the following quick graduate checklist to help you get back on track: The Three Must-Dos of a Graduate Checklist Get those recommendations now.  Whether…

Get Creative with Easter Eggs

Four Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

It doesn’t matter if you’re three, twenty-three, or eighty-three, decorating Easter eggs is fun. Plus, and this especially important with final exams creeping ever closer, a little art therapy does wonders for reducing stress. Studies show that even if you lack an artist bent, being crafty for just 45 minutes can significantly reduce body stress levels. So put down that book for a second, grab a dozen eggs, and check out these Easter egg ideas: 4 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Sharpie Doodles.  No excuses here; everyone can doodle. Begin by grabbing a raw egg, sticking it on both…

Staying Motivated Post-Break

Staying Motivated After Spring Break

Le sigh. That beautiful, week-long respite of Spring Break is over. Instead of beach parties and long tubes down the Guadalupe, it’s time for alarm clocks and lecture halls. This period between the end of spring break and the start of summer can arguably be the most difficult for students to stay motivated and on top of projects. Consider the following tips to help you stay focused and motivated during these final weeks: Strategies for Post-Break School Success Get back into a steady routine.  Even if you spent the entire week binging on your favorite Netflix videos, getting back into the…

Top Texan Spring Break Destinations

Top Texas Spring Break Destinations

You don’t have to take a cruise out to the Caribbean or fly down to Mexico to have a good time and enjoy thrilling parties this Spring Break. You already know our state’s tagline of everything is bigger (and better) in Texas. So save on the interstate (and international) travel and check out these hot places to party right here in Texas: Top Texan Spring Break Destinations South Padre Island.  Alright, we’ll start with the obvious for those who missed the annual memo. Long before MTV crews ever hit the shoreline, South Padre Island was the unofficial Texas Spring Break,…

Spruce Up Your Student Apartment with Succulents

Succulents in Your Student Apartment

In February, College Station gets that rainy post-winter gloom that can make everything (and everyone) feel a bit dour. Our best suggestion for not letting the weather melancholy get to you is to brighten up the indoors with some living greenery. Plants are great for reducing stress and creating an environment of well-being (just check out TAMU’s own study on the subject). But what plant should you choose? Our top pick is the succulent variety. That’s because succulents just might be the greatest plants of all time. They’re cheap (sub $5 at many a home and garden shop), come in…

Dorm Room Date Night

Dorm room Date Nights

Making time for dating isn’t easy during college. Not only do you have a ton of school, social, and extracurricular things on your plate, but dorm living with roommates can make romantic one-on-ones a bit of a challenge. But today we’re here to help! Whether you’re hungry for some tips on a low-stress (but still special) Valentine’s Day or in search of general tips for a successful dorm room date night, you’ve come to the right place. Sweet & Easy Dorm Room Date Ideas Musical Duets.  Music is like fertilizer for romance. But you don’t need to be an accomplished…

4 Slimming Workouts for the Aerobics Room

TAMU students overwhelmingly choose to live at Northpoint Crossing because of the amenities. Here, you have a swimming pool, sauna, rooftop terraces, game room, and a fully-outfitted weight area. All of which are just outside your apartment door. But also, perhaps most notably for those looking to keep the notorious Freshman 15 at bay and stay in good health, there is the aerobics and multi-purpose room. A workout room complete with spin bikes. Get inspired to take full advantage of this space to get in shape with the following slimming workouts: 4 Workouts for A Slimmer, Healthier You Jumping Rope.  Jumping…

New Calendars for the New Year

4 New Calendars for 2017

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and final exams, the new year offers new opportunities to recollect and start fresh. No matter what your 2017 goals are, be they fitness, school, or otherwise, calendars are an ideal way to help you stay on track. They’re simple yet versatile tools that can fit any design and decor ideas you have. The following list offers fun and creative calendar varieties we love that are easy to make and beautiful to use: 4 New Calendars for 2017 Paint Swatch Calendar.  For just $5 in supplies, you can create a unique and reusable calendar….

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