Aggieland Football & Tailgating 101

Oh beautiful September with its cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice, and the return of Texas A&M’s beloved football season. As a freshman student, you might not be quite aware of just how serious we take our football. Generations of Aggies gather during home games to watch as the Corps of Cadets march in and participate in Yell Practices in the pre-game hours. Then, in the late night hour, every Aggie, young and old, shares in one cohesive “Midnight Yell“. In between these two traditions is another sacred love for tailgating. An obsession that has earned fans the designation as the Nation’s No. 1 Tailgaters.

Aggie Tailgating

Of course, if this is your first year in, we totally get that some of these traditions and celebrations can get overwhelming. Especially if they catch you unaware as you’re meandering the neighborhood on a home game Saturday. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a crash course on TAMU game days and tailgating must-knows:

Aggieland Football & Tailgating 101

  • Know your game dates. With all the excitement building up in the week, it’ll probably be hard to miss the game dates. But better to save them now on your calednar just so you know. There are three home games this month, Nicholls State on September 9, Louisiana on September 16, and South Carolina on September 30. But for hardcore Aggie fans, the most anticipated of early games will be on October 7 when the Crimson Tide, TAMU’s longterm rival, enters Kyle Field.
  • The neighborhood will shut down.  Northpoint Crossing is located at the intersection of University Drive and Texas Ave. As you can see from this handy TAMU Game Day map, University Drive is one of the main throughways with some of the more accessible tailgate locations occurring just a couple blocks down from the apartments. The good news is that you’re just a walk away from some exciting game day partying.
  • New to tailgating? Wear gear and head down to Spence Park.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a soul on campus. Throw on some Aggie gear and head down to Spence Park. Here, you’re family. Game days are a great time to meet new people and enjoy the games, food, beverages, and team spirit that are a key part of this football school. Spence Park, located next to Kyle Field, is also more known for attracting the younger party crowd. This makes it a great place to take in the full tailgating experience.

Football and tailgating in Aggieland are as complimentary as Texas and cowboy boots. It’s a key part of what makes TAMU so special. Of course, you can always have a fun and exciting college life without every having gone to a single tailgate party. Buuut we recommend against it ;). Talk to our resident advisors to learn more about how to preapre for football and tailgating this fall!