Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Halloween is a pretty magical time here at College Station. Skulls and pumpkins line the college apartments and parties can be found in just about every bar and apartment building. Walk down the street and you’ll run into fellow students dressed all out in their ghoulish, comedic, and, of course, sexy Halloween costumes. Basically, you don’t want to be the only one in your crew not getting into the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks

Yet, nailing a perfect Halloween look doesn’t have to expensive. A great makeup job is often all that’s really needed to nail a look or to finish off an appearance. Not sure where to get started? Consider the following tips and tricks to pulling off Snapchat-worthy Halloween makeup:

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Halloween Makeup Application

  • Base your look on a photo and schedule in a trial run.  Everyone has an idea of what a skeleton or zombie looks like. That’s the great thing about having an imagination. However, unless you are an accomplished artist, free handing a makeup look isn’t going to turn out so well. Instead, find a photo of someone with your desired makeup look. Really evaluate the shades of various aspects of the makeup as the more you look, the more you’ll notice the details that sets it apart. Also, plan to do a trial run a few days before you go out. This both will make sure you aren’t allergic to any special effects makeup and things always turn out best on the second run.
  • Start clean and layer appropriately.  Professional makeup artists recommend starting off with an astringent to fully remove any daily makeup as well as facial oil. Next, if you want to use prosthetics, such as scabs or scars, go ahead and apply spirit gum to both your face and the prosthetic. Wait for the gum to become tacky before attaching and hold until dry. Other special effects and Halloween makeup products you’re likely to encounter include:
    • Modeling putty or wax :: This softer product can be used to smooth out the edges of your prosthetic pieces to create a more natural and blended in appearance.
    • Liquid latex :: This is useful for creating a variety of skin textures and is available in a variety of colors to match your costume.
    • Setting powder :: Setting powder is applied after the rest of your makeup to help ensure your look is set in. This product absorbs extra moisture and helps prevent makeup from sweating off.

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Don’t know where to start? Consider a few of these images and tutorials to get help you started:

Have your own Halloween makeup tips or tricks you always use? Sound off and share on Instagram!

Get Creative with Easter Eggs

It doesn’t matter if you’re three, twenty-three, or eighty-three, decorating Easter eggs is fun. Plus, and this especially important with final exams creeping ever closer, a little art therapy does wonders for reducing stress.

Four Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Studies show that even if you lack an artist bent, being crafty for just 45 minutes can significantly reduce body stress levels. So put down that book for a second, grab a dozen eggs, and check out these Easter egg ideas:

4 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

  • Sharpie Doodles.  No excuses here; everyone can doodle. Begin by grabbing a raw egg, sticking it on both ends and blowing out the yolk. Then take a permanent marker, any color will do, and begin making lines, circles, dots, and curves to create a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • Mod Podge Decoupage.  Strictly speaking, this how-to isn’t about decorating eggs but rather creating egg-like decorations from balloons and tissue paper decorations. These mod podge creations are great for hanging up as spatial decorations.
  • Silk Dyed Eggs.  This is another great egg decorating option for those who are not into hand painting. Here, all you need are silk ties and vinegar to create beautiful eggshell prints. Make sure you grab 100% silk ties (can be had for cheap at any thrift store) with bright and bold patterns. You’ll then wrap each egg into the silk and drop them into a boiling vinegar+water mixture to transfer the tie pattern onto the egg.
  • Watercolor with style.  Finally, for those of you who do want to get your fingers a little dirty and be a little artsier, grab your watercolor paint and pencils and turn up the music for some true artistic time. Watercolors are wonderful as its something anyone can do; all it takes is a few brush strokes and you have a light and whimsy look. Experiment with colors, shapes, and other doodles of your own design.

If for whatever reason the above don’t work out for you, you can always grab a classic Paas or similar brand egg decorating kit at the nearest corner store. Invite your friends over for snacks, laughs, and decorations.

Dorm Room Date Night

Making time for dating isn’t easy during college. Not only do you have a ton of school, social, and extracurricular things on your plate, but dorm living with roommates can make romantic one-on-ones a bit of a challenge. But today we’re here to help! Whether you’re hungry for some tips on a low-stress (but still special) Valentine’s Day or in search of general tips for a successful dorm room date night, you’ve come to the right place.

Dorm room Date Night

Sweet & Easy Dorm Room Date Ideas

Musical Duets.  Music is like fertilizer for romance. But you don’t need to be an accomplished musician to apply it. In fact, we recommend this one for couples with little to no musical experience as experts say couples who learn together and try new things grow closer.

So for this one, grab a budget-friendly ukulele or two and your laptop for YouTube instructions and favorite songs. Ukuleles are incredibly easy to learn and with them you can play many pop and country songs. They are also easy to carry and store and aren’t as loud as other instruments, which will please your neighbors. Try starting out with this easy tutorial for “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers.

Dinner and a movie.  There’s a reason why this is a classic. But you don’t have to shell out tons of cash for a restaurant dinner and theater tickets. Have a dinner and film date in your dorm room offers the chance of cooking together. Plus, you can freely talk and flirt without getting hushed by other film lovers.

Upgrade this by making it a theme. For example, if you’re planning on watching a beloved anime flick, get sushi takeout or get the ingredients and roll your own. Not into raw fish? Try this banana “sushi”. Or if you want to do a new rom-com, ditch the dinner table and opt for an indoor picnic. Gather together fruit with cut sandwiches, fruit, and, of course, chocolate. Themes have a way of pulling things together and transforming a basic “Netflix and Chill” into a special event that’s planned and looked forward to.

Create together.  Arts and crafts never gets old. In fact, they can make you feel young and alive. That’s because crafting release special chemicals in your brain that boost your happiness in the same way that falling in love does.

The trick to successfully doing crafts together is to center on something you both love. Are you both plant and garden lovers? Try a terrarium creation. Love action figures or similar collectible items? Create a unique DIY lamp. Want to use your tools and paintbrushes? Go big with a wood pallet coffee table build.

Whichever of these date night ideas or others you choose, the best relationship tip here is to tailor plants to fit both your lives. Whether you define your couple-ness by the quiet times together, the wild nights out, or the fun nights in, focus on what makes you both happy together.


New Calendars for the New Year

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and final exams, the new year offers new opportunities to recollect and start fresh. No matter what your 2017 goals are, be they fitness, school, or otherwise, calendars are an ideal way to help you stay on track.

4 New Calendars for 2017

They’re simple yet versatile tools that can fit any design and decor ideas you have. The following list offers fun and creative calendar varieties we love that are easy to make and beautiful to use:

4 New Calendars for 2017

  • Paint Swatch Calendar.  For just $5 in supplies, you can create a unique and reusable calendar. Begin by heading to your local home improvement or painting supply store and grab paint samples in your favorite colors. Then check out this tutorial for creating a poster-size calendar.
  • Vintage Journal-esque Calendar.  In December, there was a trend among older social media users of comparing 2006 pictures of themselves with 2016 versions. There’s something beautiful about reflecting about who you were and what you were doing one decade with the person you are today. To take that idea and apply it offline, consider this vintage jouranl-sque calendar. The idea is to fill a fruit box or similar container with postcards and date-stamped index cards. For each day, write the year and a one-line snippet of something done that day. It won’t look like much the first year, but the more you keep with it, the more rewarding it’ll get. As a college student, this is the ideal time to start marking down the events in your first decade as an independent adult. You can also use this calendar as a fun gift idea.
  • Desk Calendar.  If you’re looking for something simple, then perhaps this how-to is the project for you. Sweet, stylish, and simple. All you need here is a few pages of printable calendars, your favorite quotes, and cardstock. With these items you can create a desk calendar ideal for showing the dates with flair. You might also substitute the side quotes with your favorite printed Instagram pics.
  • Canvas & Ribbon Calendar. All the aforementioned calendars are great for viewing dates and recording memories. But they lack a third dimension, a place to pin and store items. The Canvas & Ribbon calendar tutorial by Thrifty Crafty Girl is ideal for fulfilling that need. With this calendar, you can easily keep track of everything and store items like your crush’s business card, an upcoming concert ticket, a found feather, and much more.

Which of these calendars do you love the best? Or do you have your own ideas on how to keep track of your new year’s resolutions and stay on top of important dates? Then sound off in the comments!

DIY Mugs: The Perfect Gift for a Roomie

With the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to start thinking about simple yet personalized gifts. Those perfect present for friends, family members, and, yes, even your college roomies. There are few things most college students can agree on more than the benefits of caffeine. It doesn’t matter whether your roomie loves coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. If they are a fan of hot pick-me-up drinks, then they’ll love getting personalized mugs to enjoy them in.

diy mug ideas

And now, making that personalized mug is easier than ever. Just check out these simple how-to crafts to transform any plain white mug into a work of art:

3 Fun Ways to Create Personalized Coffee Mugs

  • Sharpie Mugs.  Sharpie DIY mugs have been all over Pinterest the last year or two thanks to their sheer simplicity. All you need is a dollar store mug, an oven, and a set of oil based Sharpie paint pens. Then choose a quote meaningful to your roommate or a cute graphic and use the Sharpies to decorate the mug. This might be as simple as an arrow or as complex as a full graphic comic. Once finished, let it dry for 24 hours before baking at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Check out the following Tips & Tricks tutorial to get the best results.
  • Watercolor with Nail Polish.  Is your roomie a fan of more abstract art? With just a bit of nail polish and some warm water, you can create a beautiful marbled effect on any ceramic coffee cup. All you need to do is fill a deep container with warm water, add a few drops of nail polish, and then carefully dip the mug down to “catch” the polish. This’ll result in a watercolor effect that’s washable and one-of-a-kind. Of course, as with all DIY projects, things can go awry. Use this concise guide for what to do and — more importantly — what not to do.
  • Tissue Paper Modge Podge.  With the Sharpie project, precision is everything, while the nail polish project is a bit more chaotic. If you’d like to create a gift that’s a bit more in-between, then check out this crafty tissue paper tutorial by ispydiy.  This is a fun project that can be a done a million ways based on the colors, textures, and shapes you choose to incorporate. Find out your roomie’s favorite colors and shapes and build on that to create the perfect personalized Christmas gift!

All of these coffee mugs are washable and should be dishwasher safe when you follow the instructions. Have fun and you might even find yourself making one (or three) for your own kitchen cabinet!

Christmas Trees You Can’t Kill

A large part of getting in tune with the holidays — any holiday — involves home decorations. For Christmas, that means busting out the wreaths, red and green sweaters, and of course, setting up the classic Christmas tree. But student life isn’t conducive to keeping the traditional fir tree alive over the holidays.


Are you eager to decorate for the holidays but don’t want a tree that’ll wither and die over the holiday break? Consider the following great non-traditional Christmas trees:

3 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

  • Hardback Christmas Tree.  Frustrated that the bookstore won’t take back last semester’s books? Turn those used books into Christmas inspiration by constructing a Hardback Christmas Tree like this one. Start by grabbing as many books as you can gather and a couple of empty boxes. Sort your books by size and shape and use the boxes as an inner core of your non-traditional Christmas tree. Then simply stack your books in a pyramid-like fashion until you’ve reached the top. Use Christmas lights as the perfect final touch.
  • Reclaimed Pallet Tree.  Wood pallets are a staple of the shipping industry, but once they’ve reached their final destination, they generally get tossed out or sold for a couple dollars. This makes them the perfect staple for budget-friendly projects, such as for a non-traditional Christmas tree. All you need is a pallet (or a couple thin boards from the lumber store), a hammer, saw, nails, and some decorating materials. Cut and layer wood pieces along a cross-section so you form a tree-like pattern such as this Pallet Christmas Tree. Then decorate as you see fit! You can drape on the Christmas lights, use stencils or wallpaper for an extra touch, or hang Christmas ornaments from each board.
  • A Ladder Tree. If you’re planning on having a lot of presents under your Christmas tree, or if you have a Christmas-themed display you also want to set up, then this Ladder Christmas Tree might just be the alternative option for you. The basics needed are just a ladder and some boards, but again you can take decorating as far as you want. Add lights and pine cones and pile the wrapped presents high on this functional and aesthetically pleasing faux tree.

Feeling inspired yet? Whether you choose to replicate one of the above non-traditional Christmas trees or have another idea in store, let us known how it goes. Take a picture and add it to the comments!



10 Easy Crafternoon Ideas

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. It’s an old saying, but it’s still true. In college, you can add ‘stress’ to that as well. Between papers, tests, and the dreaded group projects, you’re going to get stressed. If you’re looking for a way to prevent yourself from throwing your computer out the window, we’re here to help with some easy crafternoon ideas!

crafternoon ideas

Crafting is a proven method to reduce stress and we can vouch for it. There’s something about creating things with your hands that’s just incredibly relaxing. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of ideas for your very own Crafternoon.

Starry Night Luminaries

These luminaries are a great way to dip your toe into the crafting water. They’re insanely quick, easy, and versatile.

DIY Wood Phone Stand

We’ve all been too lazy to hold up our phones at some point. It’s just who we are as humans now. This stand is perfect for when you literally can’t even any more.

Book Page Roses

Normally we don’t advocate the senseless destruction of books. However, if a book is already damaged beyond repair we can make an exception for these adorable flowers.

DIY Pineapple Planter

It might not be under the sea, but we don’t think Spongebob would mind living in this pineapple planter. It’s a super easy way to bring a pop of color into a room.

Action Figure Lamp

This is probably one of the coolest lamp DIYs we’ve ever seen. You can spray paint in any color to suit your style.

Straw Diamond Mobile

Shine bright like a (straw) diamond with this perfect and inexpensive way to decorate a room. No one will ever know they’re made of straws.

R2D2 Pencil Holder

Star Wars-mania is back in full Force, which means there’s droid merchandise everywhere. If store-bought isn’t your thing, make this pencil holder and set your desk apart from the rest of the galaxy.

Mason Jar Lamp

What can’t mason jars be used for? This lamp further proves that they’re one of the most versatile products in the game.

Nebula in a Bottle

Channel your inner Neil deGrasse Tyson with these incredible pocket sized galaxies. Want a bigger version? Use a mason jar!

DIY Hanging Cloud Light

This one might take a little more work than the rest of the projects on our list, but it’ll be well worth it when it’s time to sleep and you have the world’s coolest nightlight!