Halloween Door Decor

Doors aren’t just for security, they’re portals to your domain. And a blank canvas just waiting for your decorating genius to touch. With Halloween right around the corner, you have a perfect excuse to get into dorm decor and see for yourself how much of a difference a decorated threshold can make.

Halloween Door Decor

Not sure how to get started? Consider the following tips, tricks, and inspiration:

Getting in the Spirit with Halloween Door Decor

  • Mummy :: A great mummy door decor can be done as simply as this example where all you need is streamers and black and white construction paper. Wrap the streamers around your door as tightly as possible, cut out four circles, and ta-da! You have a mummy. For those of you who are a bit more ambitious, try out this more thematic approach.
  • Witch & Broom :: Want to make your Halloween door decor a bit extra? Check out this crafty model of a witch crashing into a door. This one will take a bit of time to recreate, but it isn’t too challenging. Start by cutting out a plywood base and paint it matte black. Then glue pieces of foam core along the edges to simulate broken plaster around a dark hole. Finish the look off with by mounting a pair of mannequin legs donned with old stockings and thrift store boots.
  • Giant Furry Monster :: This is another simple door decor that is ideal for those who love textures. Start with some furry fabric (fabric stores tend to have large supplies come Halloween) and cut out enough to cover your door. Then, same as with the mummy, cut out cartoonish eyes to glue on for a hidden-in-the-dark look.
  • An Eyeball.  You don’t have to decorate the entire facade of your door to make a visual impact. Consider this unique Halloween door decoration of a piercing blue eye that stares at passerbys. To create your own, all you’ll need is an antique frame, bright green cloth, and an eyeball from a Halloween store. If you can’t find the size eyeball you need, paint one using a table top tennis ball sort of like this.

Of course, this is by no means the only list of possibilities. From bats to the undead, the Halloween season has plenty of themes to build from. Let us know how your door turned out by tagging us on Instagram!

Tips for Sharing the Fridge

Northpoint Crossing’s student apartments come with a ton of amenities. Here, you get private bedrooms features walk-in closets with in-room washer and dryer. Plus there’s pre-installed high-speed wireless internet with all the hardware you need to get connected from day one. But perhaps one of the best in-room amenities is a fully stocked kitchen complete with modern appliances. This includes a large refrigerator with ice maker and dishwasher for less complaining about dirty dishes.

3 Tips for Sharing a Fridge With Roomies

Of course, even a dishwasher won’t wash away all the little disagreements that are a part of living with roommates. The following are a few good refrigerator rules to help keep the peace between roommates:

3 Great Rules for Fridge Sharing

  • Separate the fridge symmetrically.  Keeping refrigerator shelves as symmetrical as possible allows the interior space to be divided equally and fairly among roommates. While of course there will be some overlap, having established zones will ensure everyone has place to put their groceries and are responsible for maintaining those groceries (like throwing out that rotten tomato).
  • Use the door as communal space.  Once you have the interior figured out, consider the benefits of making the door a communal space. This is the ideal spot for things like condiments, coffee creamer, and other more share-worth items. An established communal section keeps the more personal areas from becoming cluttered and helps foster good roommate vibes. Just make sure you have an agreed policy in place for who whose responsibility it is to replace used items.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no (and listen when others say back off).  Of course, not everyone wants to share every condiment. Maybe your aunt makes you homemade barbecue sauce or you like to splurge on organic soy creamer. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to say that something is absolutely not sharable. Just be sure to communicate that with your roommates. Do this verbally first and later, if absolutely necessary, grab a sharpie and some tape to make it clear. Don’t forget that this also goes both ways and yes, your roommate absolutely notice is there is a spoonful missing from her favorite ice cream tub.

You might be surprised at how tense things can get around the fridge. Maybe one person hates having their milk used or someone else takes WAY too long to clean out their perishables. Following the above tips are a great way to establish good ground rules for a happier and healthier roommate relationship.

Spruce Up Your Student Apartment with Succulents

In February, College Station gets that rainy post-winter gloom that can make everything (and everyone) feel a bit dour. Our best suggestion for not letting the weather melancholy get to you is to brighten up the indoors with some living greenery. Plants are great for reducing stress and creating an environment of well-being (just check out TAMU’s own study on the subject).

4 Creative Ways to Use Succulents in Your Student Apartment

But what plant should you choose? Our top pick is the succulent variety.

That’s because succulents just might be the greatest plants of all time. They’re cheap (sub $5 at many a home and garden shop), come in all shades and sizes, are incredibly low maintenance (brown thumb? no problem), and have planters to meet just about every interior style.

4 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment with Succulents

  • It’s in a book.  Frustrated the bookstore won’t take back your college textbooks? Take out that frustration and upcycle books into a DIY book planter. This project makes for great table and desk decor and will last a long time so long as there is a plastic barrier between soil and page.
  • Give me an A.  Create planters in the shape of your initials (or ‘A’ for Aggieland) for a personalized take on succulent gardening. Those who are a tiny bit handier and a lot more ambitious can start this project from scratch or use this tutorial on how to create a living wall piece from a manufactured letter.
  • Living wreath.  If you like the idea of a living wall piece but aren’t keen on using letters, then when about a more classically looking succulent wreath? You can put together a similar wreath for under $20 worth of materials and it’ll stay alive for years to come. Hang it on the outside of your front door to show off your love of the green. Or above your desk for green-spiration during those long study hours.
  • A Glass House.  Terrariums are a classic way to display succulents and other air plants. These self-contained gardens are ideal for showing off a variety of colors and personal touches. The curved glass walls also help make plants require even less maintenance. There are a ton of great guides on this that range from the simple to the more intricate.

Worried you’re going to kill off your new creations? Don’t; succulents are remarkably resilient and don’t need a ton of water. If you skip watering days they can and will rebound. Experiment and find the right mix for you!

Christmas Trees You Can’t Kill

A large part of getting in tune with the holidays — any holiday — involves home decorations. For Christmas, that means busting out the wreaths, red and green sweaters, and of course, setting up the classic Christmas tree. But student life isn’t conducive to keeping the traditional fir tree alive over the holidays.


Are you eager to decorate for the holidays but don’t want a tree that’ll wither and die over the holiday break? Consider the following great non-traditional Christmas trees:

3 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

  • Hardback Christmas Tree.  Frustrated that the bookstore won’t take back last semester’s books? Turn those used books into Christmas inspiration by constructing a Hardback Christmas Tree like this one. Start by grabbing as many books as you can gather and a couple of empty boxes. Sort your books by size and shape and use the boxes as an inner core of your non-traditional Christmas tree. Then simply stack your books in a pyramid-like fashion until you’ve reached the top. Use Christmas lights as the perfect final touch.
  • Reclaimed Pallet Tree.  Wood pallets are a staple of the shipping industry, but once they’ve reached their final destination, they generally get tossed out or sold for a couple dollars. This makes them the perfect staple for budget-friendly projects, such as for a non-traditional Christmas tree. All you need is a pallet (or a couple thin boards from the lumber store), a hammer, saw, nails, and some decorating materials. Cut and layer wood pieces along a cross-section so you form a tree-like pattern such as this Pallet Christmas Tree. Then decorate as you see fit! You can drape on the Christmas lights, use stencils or wallpaper for an extra touch, or hang Christmas ornaments from each board.
  • A Ladder Tree. If you’re planning on having a lot of presents under your Christmas tree, or if you have a Christmas-themed display you also want to set up, then this Ladder Christmas Tree might just be the alternative option for you. The basics needed are just a ladder and some boards, but again you can take decorating as far as you want. Add lights and pine cones and pile the wrapped presents high on this functional and aesthetically pleasing faux tree.

Feeling inspired yet? Whether you choose to replicate one of the above non-traditional Christmas trees or have another idea in store, let us known how it goes. Take a picture and add it to the comments!



Stylish Bathroom On a Student Budget

The bathroom isn’t the first place you’re going to focus on when styling your student apartment. But putting just a little bit of effort into creating a stylish bathroom will go a long way.

stylish bathroom on budget

Here are five ways you can have a stylish bathroom on a student budget:

1. Shower Curtain

Upgrading the shower curtain is the first step towards creating a stylish bathroom. There are tons of options at stores like Target that are both affordable and cute. We love this Hello Sunshine Shower Curtain for $16.99. What better way to greet the day than this cheery message from your shower curtain? It’ll make the mornings a bit brighter.

2. Hand Towels

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add style to your bathroom is hand towels. Plus, having them around prevents guests from drying their hands on your bath towel. We love this Bright Diamond Hand Towel for $6.99. Pick up a few so you’ll be able to change them out on a regular basis! We like to switch ours out daily so that bacteria doesn’t grow on it and cause breakouts.

3. Bath Mat

Stepping out of the shower onto a slippery wet floor is no fun. Neither is using your bath towel to mop up spills. So pick up a bath mat for both style and comfort! Make sure to choose a mat that is 100% cotton and avoid mats with rubber backing. They typically are synthetic fabrics, don’t wash well, and just feel nasty on bare feet. This Striped Mint Bath Rug  for $14.99 is perfect for those reasons and more.

4. Cute Storage

Most rental bathrooms don’t have enough storage. While we think our student apartments are better than the average housing option, we still need cute storage for personal items that we don’t want everyone to see when they walk into our bathroom. Wicker baskets with lids are great options, but we also love this Mint House Cubby for $26.99. Both cute and functional, you can put this on the top of your toilet or counter for extra storage. It’s just the right size for makeup and beauty supplies.

5. Art

Art isn’t something most people think about when styling a bathroom. But it adds so much pop. Styling your first apartment isn’t a moment to duplicate your mom’s “live laugh love” obsession! Pick something funky or quirky, like this Unicorn Plaque for $22.99. In your bathroom, unicorns ARE real. Bonus points if you paint a rainbow on it!

These options we found at Target cost less than $90! And they frequently run specials on home decor via their Cartwheel app, which can bring the cost down even further. The only question that remains…what style will you choose for your apartment?

(All product photos via Target.com)

8 Dorm Tapestries You’ll Love

The quickest and easiest way to cover up the walls of your room is a tapestry. But, you kind of see the same one over and over (hello Urban Outfitters!). If the typical mandala versions of dorm tapestries don’t float your boat, the folks at society6 can help. They have literally hundreds of designs to choose from. We went through their stock and picked a few that caught our eye.

8 Dorm Tapestries You’ll Love (That Aren’t Mandalas)

world map tapestryfantasy lights wall tapestry

Louis Armstrong Told Us So

Yes, we know maps in a dorm are cliché, but they’re clichés for a reason. They come in every size, shape, and pattern imaginable. Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” is the inspiration for this map’s design.

The Lights

We are a generation that was almost entirely raised by Disney and we have #noragrets. With this design you’ll be able to see the light every night with Rapunzel, Flynn, and the floating lanterns

redwoods wall tapestrynicolas cage wall tapestry

California Redwoods Sun-rays and Sky

Nature is M-A-J-E-S-T-I-C, y’all. Bring a piece of nature into your space with this design.

Nicolas Cage – Replaceface

Nicolas Cage in his greatest role yet: a portrait of a 19th century Russian general.

neon jellyfish tapestrymuggles wall tapestry


The jellyfish is basically the honey badger of the sea: they don’t care. They will sting you and then they will laugh at you. This design lets you appreciate the beauty of the noble jellyfish without all the pain and suffering.

Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down

Ron was talking about the Dursley’s; but since we’re sadly all Muggles, you can apply this to literally anyone.

galaxy wall tapestrycreate something tapestry

Earth and Galaxy

Coming home to this view after a rough day is bound to make your problems seem easier to manage. Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson would be v proud of this one.

Create something today even if it sucks.

In the words of the Greek goddess of victory: Just do it. Eventually, if you do it enough, you’ll stop sucking.

Adding Style to Your Student Apartment

Walk into any dorm room or student apartment in this country and the general vibe is most likely going to be “prison-without-the-bars-chic.” The walls are white, the furniture is bland, and the light is fluorescent – it’s not a good look.

decor ideas student apartment

It can be hard to decorate without breaking the rules so most dorm-dwellers wind up taping pictures and posters to the wall and calling it a day. If you get creative though, you’ll be able to the make your room a space where you actually want to be at the end of the day.

Not sure where to start? Northpoint Crossing is here to help with a few inspirational student apartments to help you get creative:

artistic dorm room

This is such a unique room! What it lacks in organization, it more than makes up for in character. It’s a great space to hang out and get creative.

black white red dorm room

Yes, that tapestry is in every residence hall across America, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. The darkness of the tapestry is balanced out with the white bedspread and the red pillows.

diy dorm room bed canopy

This is room is simple, but the canopy is incredible! It’s a super unique look that minimizes the sterile feeling of the room.

dorm room living area

Not every room will have this much space, but creating a seating area is a great way to encourage friends to hang out in your room.

earthy natural dorm room

This room feels really comforting thanks to the plants, earth tones, and other natural elements. This is the perfect room to spend a lazy Saturday morning in.

girly dorm room

This delicate style might not be for everyone, but it’s a perfect example of cohesiveness. Check out the trunk under the bed: decorative and functional.

gray male dorm room

Fifty Shades of Grey Blue! This is a fantastic way to use your favorite color everywhere without going overboard. Hanging the clothes that match the color palette is pretty genius! Bonus points for the seating area too!

music student apartment

You don’t have to go as far as this person did, but creating a theme for your room is a great idea! It’s a great way to personalize the room and show off your hobbies.

shared student apartment

Another example of roomie coordination! These two chose a color palette and showcased their own style while still creating a unified look.

stylish student apartment

Coordinating with your roommate isn’t always possible, but it makes a huge difference when it happens. It looks like they got those picture frames on the cinderblock wall using 3M Command strips.

All images via F*Yeah Dorm Rooms. Click on each image to visit the original post!

How to Decorate on a Budget

budget apartment decor

Are you tired of your dark, bland, decor-free student apartment? If so, we’ve got fixes to the three most common student apartment decor problems! The best part? They won’t bust your budget. All of our suggestions cost under $40!

Problem: Your apartment is gloomy.

Solution: Better lighting

Apartments don’t always have the best lighting. We’ve seen everything from bulbs hanging from the ceiling to fluorescent fixtures more suited to your elementary school cafeteria! And it can be a downer to sit in a dark room while studying or Netflixing. The easiest way to fix this is to upgrade your light bulbs and/or add a light source. A lamp in a corner will go a long way to brightening up a place when you combine it with an overhead light. Target and World Market both have stylish and affordable options!

And have you seen lightbulbs lately? Let me geek out. From Edison bulbs to LED, your options are unlimited. There’s even a WIFI enabled lightbulb you can control from your smartphone. You can even customize the color, or set the light to turn on in the morning. Just like Mom! Bonus points if you install the light bulb with a speaker, say whaaaattttt?!!!

Problem: Your apartment doesn’t reflect your personality.

Solution: Add an affordable gallery wall.

Let’s be honest, most college students don’t have the time to focus on art. But coming home every day to a bland student apartment can be a bummer, and not everyone wants taped up posters on their wall.  Our solution? Use a combination of free or low-cost art with affordable (cheeep) clipboards to create a gallery wall.

We love the free printables roundup done by 36th Avenue, and Joann’s has a great tutorial on creating a stylish gallery wall with pretty paper and paint markers (if you’re a DIY queen). You can also find a calendar with art or photos you love (hello puppies!) and use the images for your gallery. If you aren’t allowed to nail items to the wall, use removable adhesive hooks that won’t leave a mark.  If you really want to go bargain, tape is allowed, but at least make it cute washi tape! I usually find great options in the dollar bins at Target.

Problem: You’re working with a limited budget

Solution: Thrift store + spray paint

I’d be shocked if your parents didn’t have you on a budget while you’re at TAMU. Even Target can be out-of-budget if you’re saving for Spring Break or your cash from your summer job is long gone. So how do you decorate when you’ve only got 20 dollars in your pocket? ? Thrift store shopping! You’d be amazed what you can find for $5 to $10 at a thrift store. Some stores even have half off days. You can also find the best products if you go on a day when new deliveries are put out. Just call to check and they’ll let you know!

For the best results, select objects that have an interesting shape or a common theme. Then pick up your favorite spray paint color (they even have glow in the dark options now!!) at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Then paint away! Sound too good to be true? Just search “thrift store spray paint” on Pinterest, and you’ll find projects like this awesome owl, or this chic lamp, or this collection of pottery. The options for budget apartment decor are limitless!

If you’re ready to call it quits on your current TAMU student apartment, contact our management team today for leasing information on Northpoint Crossing’s all-new student apartments in College Station, TX!

4 Easy Ways to Update Your Student Apartment

student apartment

The standard student apartment is notorious for being small and uninspiring. And while some might be content with the mantra of ‘it’s just one year’, updating your space and making it fit your style will go a long way in improving your state of mind. After all, clutter has been scientifically shown to negatively impact a person’s ability to focus and process information.

So before you hit the books or host a party, take a weekend off and implement some of these cheap and easy ways to update your student apartment:

  • Make your own headboard. If you’re anything like most college-aged adults, your bed is likely your best friend. Few things are more enjoyable than stretching out and sleeping in after a crazy freshman party or brain-draining senior exam. Unfortunately, bed frames can be outrageously expansive (with even the cheapest models clocking in at a couple hundred). But with a little creativity and some fancy fabric, you can enjoy something like this DIY tapestry headboard. Or grab the tools and go for the pallet wood accent.
  • Change up the lighting. A standard student apartment is generally dominated by harsh florescent lighting that’s reminiscent of blinding elementary school lunchrooms. Upgrading and replacing such lighting options is the number one easy way to improve the ambiance of your student apartment. Start by heading to the local thrift store to seeking out some inspirational lamps or quirky chandeliers. Or if you’re more modern-styled, head to an outlet shop for sleeker finishings. Next, layer your lighting for a perfect balance to use ambient lights for the main source of illumination, task lights for specific spots, and accent lights to add a touch of beauty.
  • Use walls to your advantage. Mounting floating shelves onto the walls in your student apartment is a great way to utilize the space to its greatest potential. Consider re-purposing plastic milk crates to create a unique shelf system for just a couple dollars. There are tons of options for hooks that won’t put holes in the walls.
  • Add a splash of green. Plants are a great addition to any student apartment due to their abilities to both add beauty and functionality to a space. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins that contribute to negative health effects, such as headaches and drowsiness, and release mood and body-boosting oxygen. Don’t have a green thumb? Check out maintenance-easy succulent houseplants, or as a recent Utah news article called them, ‘the perfect ‘pets’ for busy college students’.

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile.