Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

Halloween is a pretty magical time here at College Station. Skulls and pumpkins line the college apartments and parties can be found in just about every bar and apartment building. Walk down the street and you’ll run into fellow students dressed all out in their ghoulish, comedic, and, of course, sexy Halloween costumes. Basically, you don’t want to be the only one in your crew not getting into the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks

Yet, nailing a perfect Halloween look doesn’t have to expensive. A great makeup job is often all that’s really needed to nail a look or to finish off an appearance. Not sure where to get started? Consider the following tips and tricks to pulling off Snapchat-worthy Halloween makeup:

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Halloween Makeup Application

  • Base your look on a photo and schedule in a trial run.  Everyone has an idea of what a skeleton or zombie looks like. That’s the great thing about having an imagination. However, unless you are an accomplished artist, free handing a makeup look isn’t going to turn out so well. Instead, find a photo of someone with your desired makeup look. Really evaluate the shades of various aspects of the makeup as the more you look, the more you’ll notice the details that sets it apart. Also, plan to do a trial run a few days before you go out. This both will make sure you aren’t allergic to any special effects makeup and things always turn out best on the second run.
  • Start clean and layer appropriately.  Professional makeup artists recommend starting off with an astringent to fully remove any daily makeup as well as facial oil. Next, if you want to use prosthetics, such as scabs or scars, go ahead and apply spirit gum to both your face and the prosthetic. Wait for the gum to become tacky before attaching and hold until dry. Other special effects and Halloween makeup products you’re likely to encounter include:
    • Modeling putty or wax :: This softer product can be used to smooth out the edges of your prosthetic pieces to create a more natural and blended in appearance.
    • Liquid latex :: This is useful for creating a variety of skin textures and is available in a variety of colors to match your costume.
    • Setting powder :: Setting powder is applied after the rest of your makeup to help ensure your look is set in. This product absorbs extra moisture and helps prevent makeup from sweating off.

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Don’t know where to start? Consider a few of these images and tutorials to get help you started:

Have your own Halloween makeup tips or tricks you always use? Sound off and share on Instagram!

Aggieland Football & Tailgating 101

Oh beautiful September with its cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice, and the return of Texas A&M’s beloved football season. As a freshman student, you might not be quite aware of just how serious we take our football. Generations of Aggies gather during home games to watch as the Corps of Cadets march in and participate in Yell Practices in the pre-game hours. Then, in the late night hour, every Aggie, young and old, shares in one cohesive “Midnight Yell“. In between these two traditions is another sacred love for tailgating. An obsession that has earned fans the designation as the Nation’s No. 1 Tailgaters.

Aggie Tailgating

Of course, if this is your first year in, we totally get that some of these traditions and celebrations can get overwhelming. Especially if they catch you unaware as you’re meandering the neighborhood on a home game Saturday. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a crash course on TAMU game days and tailgating must-knows:

Aggieland Football & Tailgating 101

  • Know your game dates. With all the excitement building up in the week, it’ll probably be hard to miss the game dates. But better to save them now on your calednar just so you know. There are three home games this month, Nicholls State on September 9, Louisiana on September 16, and South Carolina on September 30. But for hardcore Aggie fans, the most anticipated of early games will be on October 7 when the Crimson Tide, TAMU’s longterm rival, enters Kyle Field.
  • The neighborhood will shut down.  Northpoint Crossing is located at the intersection of University Drive and Texas Ave. As you can see from this handy TAMU Game Day map, University Drive is one of the main throughways with some of the more accessible tailgate locations occurring just a couple blocks down from the apartments. The good news is that you’re just a walk away from some exciting game day partying.
  • New to tailgating? Wear gear and head down to Spence Park.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a soul on campus. Throw on some Aggie gear and head down to Spence Park. Here, you’re family. Game days are a great time to meet new people and enjoy the games, food, beverages, and team spirit that are a key part of this football school. Spence Park, located next to Kyle Field, is also more known for attracting the younger party crowd. This makes it a great place to take in the full tailgating experience.

Football and tailgating in Aggieland are as complimentary as Texas and cowboy boots. It’s a key part of what makes TAMU so special. Of course, you can always have a fun and exciting college life without every having gone to a single tailgate party. Buuut we recommend against it ;). Talk to our resident advisors to learn more about how to preapre for football and tailgating this fall!

Reasons to Tee Up at TAMU’s Golf Course

Northpoint Crossing student apartments sit at the heart of College Station and just a few blocks away from TAMU’s most prominent buildings and amenities. One amenity that many particularly love being near is The Campus Course at Texas A&M. With beautiful greens and fairways, this is a great course for both the beginner and the tournament-tested golfer.

What’s that? You’ve never golfed? Golfing is one of the world’s oldest sports, having started in Scotland more than 400 years ago. It certainly has evolved over recent years but many of the reasons to play have stayed the same. Check out these great reasons why maybe it’s time for you to meander down the Campus Course and try a few rounds for yourself:

3 Reasons You Should Start Playing Golf

  • Health & Fitness :: Sure, it isn’t quite the same type of exercise benefits you’ll get out of a weekly spin class, but a good game of golf can provide players with some great fitness possibilities. While how many calories you burn will depend a lot on your unique height, weight, and activity level, the average golfer can expect to burn just under 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf in they walk it. Note that if you go to the Campus Course on weekends they will require you to use a golf cart due to how busy it gets.
  • Meet New Friends & Networking Possibilities :: The Campus Course regularly holds tournaments (both more fun-oriented and competition-based ones) and other social activities that are a great way to meet new people. Once you’re ready to move on from College Station, you’ll find that the vast majority of golf courses in the United States are hungry for young and eager members. Joining local clubs are a great way to network and meet new friends wherever you go.
  • Gain Some Business Leverage :: The pop culture depiction of golf as a businessman’s game is not wrong. An incredible 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf and 80% of those executives say playing golf enables them to establish new business relationships. Learning the game and getting started now in your college years is an excellent way to develop your skills and become familiar with terminology before you go on to your post-college career. Then, if you’re looking to move up the business ladder (and this is true as much for journalist majors as economy ones), knowing how to play a good game of golf is in your best interest.

Time for You to Tee Up

Of course, there’s also the simple fun factor of the sport. For many, golfing is a fun, challenging, and peaceful past time. Although it still may not appeal to you. If you absolutely hate the sport, that’s okay too! But we do suggest at least trying it out a few times as you never know what you’ll fall in love with until you try it out for yourself. Besides, golf is certainly worth at least a test run with so many advantages. So grab a friend or two and head down to the Campus Course on your next day off!

Best Places to Picnic in College Station

Summer solstice happens this year on Wednesday, June 21. This will be the longest day of the year and, because of it marking midsummer, it’s an event that has been celebrated by hundreds of cultures throughout the ages.

college station picnic

Celebrate it this year by being outdoors and sharing a picnic with your closest friends. Consider the following great College Station locations to flip out a blanket for summer fun:

5 Best Places to Picnic in College Station

  1. Sugarloaf College Station.  Start the summer solstice right from the start with a pre-dawn hike up College Station’s sole ‘mountain’. Then, lay out your picnic blanket and feast your eyes on the brilliant colors at sunrise. Sugarloaf Mountain is also a top pick for sunsets and stargazing.
  2. Brison Park.  Brison Park is a hidden gem in College Station’s Southside Historic District. Despite its smallish size, it is always teeming with songbirds (home to 27 warblers). This paired with its backdrop of old oak trees and gurgling creek make it a great place for an outdoor escape. Plus, it is just a short walk away from Northpoint Crossing.
  3. Lick Creek Park.  The 500-acre park in the Brazos Valley offers a variety of shady paths, bridges, and grassy areas. All of which are perfect for enjoying outdoor refreshments. Lick Creek Park also boasts equestrian and biking trails.
  4. Lake Bryan.  Lake Bryan has a lot of grassy areas for people to hang out at and relax waterside under the shade of oak trees. If you prefer your picnics with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other grillings at center stage, then you’ll appreciate all of the established grilling centers and tables here. And if you’d rather just set up a blanket on the shoreline, have at it!
  5. Research Park.  Honestly, this is probably one of the best aspects of College Station living. Best of all, the park is only two-and-a-half miles away from Northpoint Crossing — a.k.a. a beautiful bike ride away. Established by Texas A&U University in 1982, Research Park has something for everyone, including a ton of great picnic backdrops. Ponds inhabited by a variety of fish and waterfowl dot the landscape. Set up your summer solstice picnic here for some birdwatching with your eats. Or feast at the edge of the onsite 18-hole disc golf course and go golfing after morning mimosas.

College Station is remarkable for having a great number of green places to escape to. Whether you choose to throw out a spread at Lake Bryan, Lick Creek Park, or somewhere else, we hope you enjoy your time outdoors! Let us know of any other secret green spaces you might recommend for others seeking nature escapes.

Guide to Hotels in College Station

Are planning on having family coming into town this month? Maybe your parents are eager to see your graduation, or you’ve roped your cousins into helping you move. Whatever the case, do them the small favor of not expecting them to sleep on your floor.

Hotels in College Station

Instead, consider the following quick guide to hotels in college station where they can get a quality night’s sleep before checking out TAMU’s school grounds:

The One-Stop Guide to Hotels in College Station

If they need something cheap and close… Econo Lodge at College Station.  This is the ideal choice for relatives who just want something cheap and easy. Here, they’ll enjoy a free continental breakfast, outdoor swimming pool access, and they can even bring their pets. Best of all, it’s two blocks from Northpoint Crossing and some rooms are available for under $50. Another close alternative for a tiny bit more money is the Super 8 at College Station.

If they want something that is new and cutting edge (but oh so Southern classic)… The George.  The George plans to open its doors for the first time this summer. So, if your family isn’t able to book just yet, definitely keep it in mind for future travels. Especially as it’s already promising to be a Texan one-of-a-kind hotel. Located around the block, this hotel reflects back on College Station’s days as a popular Texas rail stop. It’s an upscale kind-of-place place billing itself as a true Southern gent full of boutique hotel amenities.

If they want in-room amenities and a great location at a fair price… Vineyard Court Designer Suites Hotel.  Book on a competitive travel site and enjoy prices for this all-suite hotel starting in the mid-$80 range. Guests can choose between studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom rooms. Most all of which feature marble soaking tubs, flat-screen TVs, rainfall showerheads, and optional full kitchens. Relatives and friends who enjoy relaxing outdoors will especially appreciate the Tuscan-inspired courtyard and outdoor pool. Other selling points include a complimentary Continental breakfast and access to an evening social hour in the courtyard complete with wine, snacks, and desserts. This hotel is about a 25-minute walk or 5-minute drive from Northpoint at the opposite end of campus.

Of course, for those who aren’t big on hotels, there’s also always AirBnB in College Station. Contact us to learn more about best hotel booking tips as well as advice on moving in or out.



Fun & Unique Things to Do in College Station

May is the classic start of summer for the Bryan-College Station area. Average temperatures range between the mid-70s and 80s, making for a perfect time to be outdoors. So go ahead and enjoy some time away from your studies.

What to Do In College Station

This month, grab your closest pals and check out these fun (and unique) things to do in College Station:

4 Fun & Unique Things to Do in College Station

  1. Rock out at Lakeside Icehouse and Lake Bryan.  The Lakeside Icehouse at Lake Bryan is one of those rare local gems that are only possible due to the right mix of location, people, and activities. Here, you can rent a campsite and wake up to the sunrise on Lake Bryan. Or spend the warm summer afternoons swimming, fishing, and boating. If you love live music and delicious southern fare, then head down to the Lakeside Icehouse. This lively location is known for featuring hot and upcoming music talents. One exciting event coming up is the two-day Rock Away Cystic Fibrosis Music Festival taking place May 12 and 13.
  2. Feel the wind in your hair at Lone Star Trapeze Academy.  Enjoy a first-hand look at circus living and fly through the sky at this one-of-a-kind academy. Here, a highly experienced team of acrobats are eager and ready to teach the art of trapeze. Enjoy personalized lessons or book a group for an exciting day event. Just make sure everyone is ready to get loose and feel the air whoosh beneath their feet.
  3. Throw frisbees and watch the pups play at Research Park.  Situated on the edge of the Texas A&M campus, Research Park has something for just about everyone. But our two favorites is the impressive 18-hole disc golf course and the off-leash area alive with hilarious puppy antics. This latter dog area is beloved by both owners and wish-they-were-owners thanks to an overlooking grassy knoll ideal for a blanket, book, and early summer picnic. But for those disc golfers among you, there really is no better place in the city. Research Park boasts the city’s only 18-hole course. Plus, some water hazards that make for more exciting and challenging play.
  4. Or stay in the shade and problem solve at Escape Room.  Escape Room BCS just opened its doors last year and already it’s become a massive hit among students and older game aficionados. This unique business locks participants in a room with a group of people (you can play with strangers or your friends). Everyone then must work together to find clues and solve a series of puzzles that will allow them to escape. It’s an immersive experience and ideal for those who love haunted houses, board games, or simply solving mysteries.

Have you already been to all the above? What is your favorite place to go and thing to do during these first warm days of summer? Sound off on Facebook and tag us!

Quick Graduate Checklist

Worried you spent more of your senior enjoying the social benefits rather than the scholarly ones? You’re not alone. Many seniors drag their heels when it comes to preparing for what will come after they get off the commencement stage. But that date is getting any further way and when it comes to getting ready, now is better than tomorrow.

Three Important Tasks to Complete Before Gradation

Plus, it just takes a few baby steps to get the ball rolling on success. Consider the following quick graduate checklist to help you get back on track:

The Three Must-Dos of a Graduate Checklist

  • Get those recommendations now.  Whether you plan on going straight into the workforce, graduating into grad school, or even spending a year traveling Asian countrysides, go get your recommendations now. Talk to your favorite professors, TAs, and other scholars you’ve worked with over the last few years. Have them draft a letter a recommendation while your unique skills, aptitude, and personality are fresh in their mind.
  • Write, rewrite, and perfect your resume.  Take a weekend and dedicate it to reflecting upon your college career and drafting several forms of your perfect resume. Consider some of the biggest projects and most defining moments. Once you have an outline of a good resume, open up another doc and start typing up your thoughts of what you want to do next. Tailor a few different resume drafts to fit those perfect positions and places you have in mind.
  • Do some QC on your social profiles.  Snapchat and WhatsApp are definitely social godsends for their focus on privacy. Unfortunately, not all social media platforms are so… easily forgetful of our impromptu thoughts and actions. You’re about to hit the professional world which means you’re in need of a professional online profile. Do a purge of your general accounts and everything you don’t want seen by future employers and HR managers is protected behind stringent privacy settings. Google your name and do what you can to ensure only those results that reflect positively on you come up. Or, if nothing comes up, depending upon your desired line of work, consider starting a blog, website, or SEO-enriched LinkedIn so you do show up.

So are you ready to take that walk? What are you most nervous about in regards to your impending graduation? Sound off on social media and don’t forget to tag us!

Need Something to Do This Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner. Plus, with this year’s holiday falling on a Monday, there’s plenty of festivities happening throughout the long weekend. Halloween, despite what the candy companies might have you believe, isn’t best experienced by kids.



Here’s a quick look at some of the great haunts and happenings in College Station; events that’ll leave you screaming in delight:

Fun and Frights with these Halloween Events

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Grand Stafford Theater. Part musical, part horror film, and all parts extravagance, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is one-of-a-kind event. The original film became a cult phenomenon when fans transformed the show into a live performance between actors and audience. A live performance that gets religiously repeated every year. There’s props, costumes, and gags all around to entertain, engage, and shock the unwary. TAMU’s student organization Cepheid Variable is hosting this year’s rendition at the Grand Stafford Theatre. Tickets are $7, but buy early as this will sell out.
  • Kapa Sigma’s Wicked Woods.  You might be surprised to learn that one of the largest haunted trails in the country occurs in your own backyard. This Halloween marks the 21st anniversary of the Kappa Sigma event. This is one of the fraternity’s larger public events in which they transform their five-acre backyard into a maze of frights and good times. The group won’t release the details of this year’s trail themes and events until just before Halloween. However, historically, the price of entry hovers around $10 with a discount given for those who bring canned goods. All proceeds go to a fraternity-selected charity.

Experience the Best in Bryan

  • Fright Nights at the Palace Theater.  Located in Downtown Bryan, the popular Palace Theater transforms into a wicked haunted house every October. Here, you’ll enjoy an evening of entertainment and haunted meanderings. Similar to the Kappa Sigma event, the cost is $10 and all proceeds will go to selected charities.

    Halloween Fright Nights in Downtown Bryan

    Halloween Fright Nights

  • Downtown Bryan Zombie Ball & Pub Crawl.  This annual event isn’t just for the 21+ population. In fact, TAMU students of all ages will enjoy the zombie-oriented event as it is a great way to dress up and experience downtown Bryan with a high-energy crew. This event includes special activities for guests, multiple costume contests, drink specials (for 21+), face paint assistance, raffle entries, and musical performances. You’ll even enjoy a discounted ticket to the aforementioned Fright Nights event at the Palace Theater. Such a group event allows you to share your costume creativity, meet new ghoul-loving friends, and explore the city.

Even the biggest social butterflies may find moving to a new city overwhelming. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about upcoming events and recreational activities to make Aggieland more of your hometown.



Welcome Week at College Station

It’s almost time! Walls are being painted. Furniture is being arranged, and we’re getting ready for move-in day. We can’t wait to meet all of you and welcome you to College Station.

college station apartments welcome week

We know you’re too busy getting packed and adjusting to your new class schedule that first week of class to worry about food and fun. So to help you out, here are daily events we’ve planned!

August 29 – September 3

Monday: Breakfast at the bus stop for the first day of fall classes from 8am to 10am.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Come make your own tacos in the building 4 clubhouse starting at 1pm.

Wednesday: Bingo will be played in building 4 from 4-6pm, or until all prizes are gone.

Thursday: Meet us for drinks at 9pm! Location will be announced on Facebook.

Friday: Make your own Sundae at our ice cream bar in building 4 starting at 2pm.

Saturday: Stop by the office before the first TAMU football game for a 12th man towel!