New Calendars for the New Year

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and final exams, the new year offers new opportunities to recollect and start fresh. No matter what your 2017 goals are, be they fitness, school, or otherwise, calendars are an ideal way to help you stay on track.

4 New Calendars for 2017

They’re simple yet versatile tools that can fit any design and decor ideas you have. The following list offers fun and creative calendar varieties we love that are easy to make and beautiful to use:

4 New Calendars for 2017

  • Paint Swatch Calendar.  For just $5 in supplies, you can create a unique and reusable calendar. Begin by heading to your local home improvement or painting supply store and grab paint samples in your favorite colors. Then check out this tutorial for creating a poster-size calendar.
  • Vintage Journal-esque Calendar.  In December, there was a trend among older social media users of comparing 2006 pictures of themselves with 2016 versions. There’s something beautiful about reflecting about who you were and what you were doing one decade with the person you are today. To take that idea and apply it offline, consider this vintage jouranl-sque calendar. The idea is to fill a fruit box or similar container with postcards and date-stamped index cards. For each day, write the year and a one-line snippet of something done that day. It won’t look like much the first year, but the more you keep with it, the more rewarding it’ll get. As a college student, this is the ideal time to start marking down the events in your first decade as an independent adult. You can also use this calendar as a fun gift idea.
  • Desk Calendar.  If you’re looking for something simple, then perhaps this how-to is the project for you. Sweet, stylish, and simple. All you need here is a few pages of printable calendars, your favorite quotes, and cardstock. With these items you can create a desk calendar ideal for showing the dates with flair. You might also substitute the side quotes with your favorite printed Instagram pics.
  • Canvas & Ribbon Calendar. All the aforementioned calendars are great for viewing dates and recording memories. But they lack a third dimension, a place to pin and store items. The Canvas & Ribbon calendar tutorial by Thrifty Crafty Girl is ideal for fulfilling that need. With this calendar, you can easily keep track of everything and store items like your crush’s business card, an upcoming concert ticket, a found feather, and much more.

Which of these calendars do you love the best? Or do you have your own ideas on how to keep track of your new year’s resolutions and stay on top of important dates? Then sound off in the comments!

February Events

college station calendar of events

February Events

Northpoint Crossing, College Station

?Super Bowl Watch Party (February 7): Come watch the Super Bowl with us in the Building 4 clubhouse! We will have free food and drinks starting at 5:00pm!

?Fro-Yo Day (February 8): Stop by the Building 4 Clubhouse at 3:00pm for a sweet treat to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day!

??Pancakes and Pajamas (February 10): Meet us in the Building 4 Clubhouse at 8:00pm for pancakes. Don’t forget to wear your PJs!

?Building Game Time (February 15-17): It’s building bonding time! We will have food, drinks, games and prizes in the building 4 clubhouse starting at 5:00pm each day.

February 15: Building 1 & 5

February 16: Building 2 & 4

February 17: Building 3 & 6

?February Birthday Celebration (February 17): All residents who have a birthday in February can stop by the front office for a cupcake!

?Chili Day (February 22): We will have a Chili Bar in the Building 4 Clubhouse starting at 2:00pm! Stop by to make a Frito Pie, Chili Dog or just a simple Bowl of Chili.

?Casino Night (February 25): Join us for a night of fun with Black Jack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and of course, PRIZES! Doors will open at 7:30pm and tickets will be given out starting February 22. RSVP on our Facebook event.

?Food Truck Friday (February 5 & 19): We will have a local food truck on the property. There will be a limited number of tickets provided in the office for free food, but you can still purchase food after we run out.

?Twitter Tuesday: Follow @NorthpointTAMU on Twitter for a weekly competition.

?Thirsty Thursday: Post your Sonic drink order on our Facebook post for a free drink or slush!